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The Project OrphanAnesthesia

The aim of the project OrphanAnesthesia is the publication of guidelines for the anaesthesiological management of patients suffering from rare diseases. OrphanAnesthesia thus increases the safety of patients. 

As there is only sparse information available on the management of rare diseases, and even less on the anaesthesiological management, our project merges all the information available. We would like to concentrate this information and publish evidence-based facts and experience from proven experts in order to be able to support all physicians involved in the treatment of these patients worldwide. All OrphanAnesthesia guidelines will be prepared in a standardized template. The guidelines will pass an international peer-reviewing process. At least one anaesthesiologist and another disease expert will be involved in this process. 

OrphanAnesthesia is an international project. All guidelines will be published in English basically. The translation of guidelines into various other languages will be pursued. 

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