a project of the German Society of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine

The Project OrphanAnesthesia

The aim of OrphanAnesthesia is to increase patient safety by publishing recommendations for the anaesthesiological care of patients with rare diseases.

In most cases, there is little reliable knowledge about these diseases and potential peculiarities in the performance of anaesthesia, which makes treatment more difficult. Against this background, OrphanAnesthesia was launched in 2005 by the scientific working group on paediatric anaesthesia of the German Society for Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine. The digital database of the project concentrates the widely scattered knowledge on rare diseases from scientific publications and experiences of proven experts and makes it available to the medical profession, patients and self-help organisations.
The recommendations of OrphanAnesthesia are standardised and go through an international peer review process. Experts from anaesthesia as well as from another medical field relevant to the treatment of the underlying disease are involved in this process.

The voluntary project is internationally oriented. All recommendations for action are published in English, and the aim is to translate them into as many languages as possible. Together with doctors from all over the world as well as with the European information platform Orphanet and European professional societies (such as ESPA, ESA, SARNePI, etc.), we continue to work on bundling anaesthesiological information on rare diseases and making it available - free of charge and accessible worldwide.








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